The Key Benefits of Running a Scheduled Workout Program

Do you know that the United States has a very high obesity rate?

Do you know that a large number of deaths recorded in the U.S due to health complications like cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, certain forms of cancer, stroke, and type 2 diabetes can all be traced back to obesity?

As a matter of fact, the high obesity rate prevalent in the United States is a major reason behind the low life expectancy of Americans compared to citizens of other first-world countries.

It is estimated that about 14% and 20% of cancer-related deaths of men and women in the U.S respectively, are as a result of obesity. Indeed without question, the U.S is facing an obesity crisis and one of the few sure-fire ways to resolve this problem is for the general population to take up a positive lifestyle characterized by healthy eating and a consistent exercise routine.

It is on this note that running a scheduled workout program to keep fit and healthy becomes an absolute necessity for anyone looking to avoid the health issues arising from being overweight or obese.

But before you run a training regimen at home or at your local gym, it is important for you to understand the key benefits of any scheduled workout program.

The 3 Key Benefits of a Scheduled Workout Program

Having a scheduled workout program is great for keeping fit, and staying healthy, but before getting in shape, there are three key benefits that you can derive from starting and maintaining a scheduled workout program.

These three benefits of a scheduled workout program can be surmised as inspiration, customization, and knowledge benefits.

#1. Inspiration

Before you begin your scheduled workout program, you need to clearly define your fitness goals.

Your workout regimen will be streamlined to meet these goals, but more importantly, your health and fitness goals give your workout program purpose.

The goals are what drives you everyday to stay the course, be committed, focused and determined in the face of adversity.

However, being motivated and inspired during the course of your training regimen is not easy, as life often throws curveballs along the way to distract and throw you off course.

In addition to external factors affecting your workout drive, you also have to deal with the accumulation of stress due to your day-to-day challenges which can easily translate to physical burnout and mental fatigue.

But with a clear workout plan and the inspiration to achieve your training goals, you would be able to stay focused on your workout sessions despite life’s challenges.

Essentially, your goal driven scheduled workout program will motivate and inspire you to wake up each day to a training routine for positive results.

In summary, your workout program doesn’t simply act as a routine, but an actual inspirational framework that ignites your motivation to workout, and helps you to thread the path of consistency and innate accountability as you take gradual steps to achieve your set fitness goals.

A typical workout program will consist of a well-structured daily routine that keeps you grounded. It will also have tangible goals that keeps you honest by ensuring that you fully commit to your sessions.

This sense of duty instills in you a level of responsibility and accountability that will see you through your program regardless of both internal and external pressure.

#2. Customization

Another key benefit of running a scheduled workout program lies in the fact that with time, you will begin to experience what types of exercises work for you and those exercises that don’t.

As you begin to gain experience through your daily routines, you will have preference for exercise, cardio, and weight training routines that help you in meeting your specific bodybuilding goals.

You are likely to explore several exercise routines before settling on those that offer optimal results.

Ultimately, by adding and dropping different exercises from your workout program, you will arrive at more customizable workout programs that are personalized to your needs and goals.

#3. Knowledge

The third key benefit from having a scheduled workout program is the priceless knowledge that you will gain along the way.

You will get to learn a variety of new workout routines, techniques, exercises, and training programs that you probably never thought you would ever be exposed to before now.

A well-structured training program is often one that has been designed by an experienced personal trainer to help you achieve specific fitness goals.

This program is often a very viable source for knowledge, learning and education. Providing you with invaluable knowledge on a variety of new exercise routines, as well as the execution techniques and proper form for these new exercises.

At the end of the day, you will broaden your training portfolio and understanding of a wide range of exercises that would serve you well in meeting your bodybuilding goals. By learning the proper form and execution techniques for these exercises, you will minimize your risk of injuries while at the same time optimizing your fitness and performance gains.

Typically, scheduled workout programs make use of a host of program techniques including circuit training, periodization, tempo, progressive overload, and rest.

By grabbing as much knowledge and understanding of the various programming techniques available, you will boost your workout program by making it more personalized to meet your peculiar fitness needs and goals.

The old saying that knowledge is power springs to mind when it comes to having a scheduled workout program, as the more knowledge you have about the exercises and programming techniques you can adopt, the better off you will be in the customization of your workout program.

Your training program will therefore be tailored according to your muscle building, fat loss, strength, stamina, endurance and other specific performance-enhancing goals.


Workout programs provide a structure that enables your motivation, inspiration and drive to blossom. It provides you with an opportunity to customize a program that meets your specific training goals while at the same time boosting your knowledge of new exercise and workout routines as well as programming techniques for optimal bulking, cutting and performance gains.

It therefore goes without saying that if you want to avoid being overweight or obese while also maintaining your fitness and health, you should take up a structured workout program designed by an experienced fitness trainer.

At Anabolic Coach, we offer you the chance to get fully personalized and customizable workout programs when you take advantage of our free consultation with an IFBB PRO and begin your journey towards achieving better health, fitness and lifestyle today.

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