A Complete Users Guide to Oral and Injectable Primobolan (Methenolone)

Primobolan is one of the most known and used anabolic steroids in the world, and its notoriety is undoubtedly due to its very beneficial positive effects as opposed to mild negative side effects.

This is especially true for the great number of athletes and bodybuilders who favor primobolan’s notoriously mild and gentle nature, although it is not the most gentle and milder available – Masteron, for example – is a more appropriate anabolic steroid in this respect.










Primobolan is also known as the chemical name of methenolone enanthate, or Primo.  It represents an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that comes both in an injectable form and in an oral form – which is quite rare in the anabolic steroids world. As said, it is widely used by bodybuilders and athletes who want to implement a product with carries few side effects, no estrogenic activity whatsoever; it is actually favored by those athletes that are looking mainly into building lean muscle mass as oppose to just mass.

Primobolan is in sometimes seen as a weak compound when compared to compounds like Dianabol.  This does not come as an entirely unsupported statement, given that it will not give you the ability to throw down new weightlifting records nor gain a lot of weight. Yet it will definitely give you a great chance of gaining some very noticeable and high quality mass, if you will be a little more patient than most bodybuilders.

It must be remembered that primobolan was a very popular anabolic steroid in the seventies – a time which is known as the ‘golden age’ of bodybuilding – and some even say that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself considered it as his no. 1 anabolic steroid.


Whatever the legends or the facts, it is true to state that the majority of all known anabolic steroids were originally developed for a medical purpose. It wasn’t until later that they became huge protagonists in bodybuilding communities, but this was not the case with Primobolan. It was actually developed in the first place, for the sole purpose of being used by bodybuilders.

Years after, however, primobolan saw its vast popularity diminishing slowly because of the overwhelming amount of fake products that entered the market.  Unfortunately it has also been officially banned by many regulatory agencies in the world’s prominent nations.

Given also the rather high market price of primobolan – a dosage of about 400 mg, good barely for a total cycle lasting 12 weeks, can actually cost as much as $ 500 – it’s easy to understand why several users have renounced it or have alternatively tried to use less of its recommended dosage, only to find out that the product was disappointing, and for a very good reason indeed …

As a result, more and more athletes and bodybuilders have been changing their views about which anabolic steroid should be used, and have turned to other alternative compounds – such as trenbolone, for example – that do in fact cost less and are also much less frequently counterfeited than primo.

If you just add this to the fact that looking (often without considering the much harsher negative side effects) to get the biggest amounts of muscle mass in the shortest time possible has become a widely accepted trend, few users really understand the advantages of slow, quality gains. With this in mind, you can easily see why primo has had a hard time in keeping up with the competition arising from cheaper and faster-acting anabolic steroids.

However, there seems to be a strong comeback of this compound in the recent years. Maybe because its users have finally been able to consider the importance of avoiding the often harsh side effects of many other steroids, and lean muscle gain has become an acceptable alternative to raw bulking cycles.

All in all, primobolan seems to be finally getting the due consideration that it is worth. Especially by those who have already built a strong physical base and noticeable muscle mass after many years of hard and proper training and dieting. It is exactly these users who already appreciate primobolan as their icing on the cake. After all, primo does really represent one of the safest anabolic steroids: namely, it does not alter your normal blood pressure, it does not interfere with your waking / sleeping cycle and, last but certainly not least, it does not encompass at all, the frequent onset of severe side effects such as gynecomastia.

Primobolan is chemically also known as a compound derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is an androgenic hormone and sex-characterizing steroid that is synthesized by a particular enzyme (the 5a-reductase enzyme). Its role is basically to give males their set of manly features. Primo does not convert to estrogen, hence its levels can rise in the body without increasing the level of estrogen. Therefore, it is easy enough for those who implement it, to avoid any estrogenic side effects.

The Profile And Esters of Primobolan

  • The oral version includes an acetate ester
  • The injectable version contains an enanthate ester
  • Chemical formula of primo: C20H30O2
  • Original manufacturer: Schering
  • Average effective oral dose: men = from 50 mg to 100mg per day;
  • Average effective oral dose: women = from 10 mg to 25 mg per day
  • Average effective injectable dose: men = from 350 mg to 600 mg per week;
  • Average effective injectable dose: women = 100 mg per week
  • Detection time: from 4 weeks to 5 weeks
  • Anabolic/androgenic effects ratio: 88/44-57


Benefits and Side Effects of Oral Primobolan

The oral implementation of an anabolic steroid like primo can be done by means of a tablet, a pill or a liquid suspension. Normally, the administration is carried out by one single dosage per day, but at times by dividing the same dose in two parts. Whatever your preference, it is however widely known that anabolic steroids administered orally are in general more toxic and entail more negative collateral effects than those administered by injections – and Primobolan is no exception to this rule.


The most common potential side effects of Primobolan when administered orally include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Raising of the user’s blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • A potential weakening of the osteoarticular structure, which in time may lead also to symptoms of osteoporosis
  • A potentially general weakening of the body’s strength levels, which may entail also a greater risk of infection – given that this product can affect the immune system
  • A potential suppression of the endogenous production of testosterone, which can be avoided when a proper PCT (post cycle therapy) be implemented
  • Potential hair loss due to its DHT properties.

The above negative potential side effects are related to normal dosages in the administration of primobolan. Should primo be over-dosed or abused – i.e. at dosages above one gram (1000 mg) per week – more and harsher side effects could potentially occur (such as organ strain, for instance). It is not a really good idea to assume that just because primobolan is considered a mild anabolic steroid, it should then be undervalued with respect to its potential side effects. Remember, it is still a respectably potent steroid and needs to be handled correctly with an appropriate cycling plan.

However, a popular opinion about anabolic steroids like primobolan is that if they are taken orally, they will be more effective than the injectable ones, and that their action is more visible and much faster so on the body. This is why some athletes and bodybuilders tend to favor the oral form, especially users who just want to see their muscle mass grow in the shortest periods of time possible.


Benefits and Side Effects of Injectable Primobolan

Despite the common opinions that we often hear, the view of most experts is that injectable steroids are by far the best form one can use in order to get the best results, to reduce the length of an average cycle and to lower as much as possible the risk of side effects.

Injectable primobolan is indeed superior to the oral primo variant for many reasons and in many ways. Oral primo results may be disappointing given that a substantial percentage of its active ingredient will be broken down when it reaches and is processed by the liver. Given also that primobolan is not a 17aa in its oral form, the dosages have to be implemented at a quite higher level (and potentially at considerable expense). This is why also it is recommended to use the injectable version of primobolan in order to get the best results possible, and also to save some considerable amounts of money in the long run.


If you are looking to get the fastest results, go ahead and take primo in capsules, tablets or pills. Actually, several bodybuilders implement both forms – oral and injectable – together in the same cycle. They begin with the oral primobolan in order to maximize as much as possible their muscle mass gains in the shortest time possible, then move to the injectable variant.

This is not at all the worst choice, of course, but what we recommend is to consult with your MD or a specialized health center in order to learn all that you can learn about primo’s side effects.  Especially with reference not only to the oral variant’s harsher negative side effects, but also with regards to the prolonged usage of this anabolic steroid, albeit it being in principle a mild one.  Do not forget that it is highly recommended, as your MD too will tell you, to undergo regular health checks.


What Results Can You Expect From Your Primobolan Cycle?

Among the several positive effects that can take place when implementing primobolan at the correct dosages and cycles, we will state the following ones, which are not however a fully comprehensive list:

  • Primo can help in the reduction of breast cancer.
  • It does not aromatize, hence does not convert in estrogen. So, you never have to worry really about the many issues related to estrogens, like water retention, acne and gynecomastia, to name but a few.
  • Primobolan is a fantastic AAS to stack with other anabolic steroids.
  • Doctors have found sufficient evidence to say that Primobolan is an immune system activator, hence very  useful in the treatment of those illnesses where the basic reason of the illness itself is a lower activity of the body’s ‘defensive system’. For example, it has proven beneficial in the treatment of the acquired immune-deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
  • It is a prime choice of many for cutting, and indeed many athletes do use it in order to keep their muscle mass intact while dieting with a low calorie food intake program. Primo is indeed useful in this matter because it is able to make the body retain a high level of nitrogen. The higher the level of nitrogen, the higher the level of muscle building and muscle mass retention in your body.
  • By using Primobolan in a pre-contest bodybuilding treatment, such a strong maintenance of your nitrogen levels will protect your lean muscle mass, and allow for your diet to drop body fat deposits rather than muscle mass.


Can Women Use Primobolan?

There is some debate on female usage of primobolan and, in most of the specialized opinions, it is believed and recommended that women should rather play it safe. The opinion is that women should never use any DHT derivative compounds because of the almost guaranteed masculinization effects (like facial hair growth, for example) that primo also can entail – unless they are very experienced female user who has been tested for it and cleared by a specialized consultant.


Primobolan Drug Detection And Half-Life

Injectable primobolan has an enanthate ester attached to it, so the half-life of this compound would be approximately of 10.5 days. This does not mean at all that the compound will be completely out of your system in exactly 10.5 days after your last injection. Rather, it means that after that average period of time, half of the dosage you injected will be gone, but half of it still circulating in your body, and you thus can well expect primo to keep working for several weeks after your last injection before it actually exits completely your system.

On the other hand, oral primobolan’s half-life is around 5 hours.


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