Are there Steroids in your Supplements?

You may find buying genuine steroids injection or pills difficult to get these days and that probably led you to stick with ineffective steroid alternatives. But unlike authentic steroids for bodybuilding, supplements are readily available on many online sites.

However, while steroid alternatives and supplements are easy to come by, “are you fully aware of what ingredients are contained in the product?

Do you know if that supplement you are currently using is free of organic and inorganic contaminants like mold, E coli, lead, mercury, prohormones and/or even anabolic steroids?








Yes, that’s right! it is possible that the supplements you are presently taking may be laced with steroids. Unscrupulous manufacturers may decide to add steroids to your supplements with the hope of giving you some bodybuilding gains.

The truth is, these supplements that are contaminated with steroids can never be as effective as real steroids. Also, they may pose a major health risk to users because the steroids included in the supplements are unknown and their purity is uncertain as well.

In addition to this, the dosage of the steroids or prohormones contained in the supplements are also undetermined. This is a worry to any self-respecting bodybuilder out there because your decision to use supplements may have been driven by your belief that you can’t get authentic steroids without seeking out blackmarket dealers.

Well, maybe the next time you buy your favorite supplements online, you may do more than just nonchalantly glance at the small print on the label. While it is doubtful that your supplement manufacturers will indicate contaminants on the label as part of the ingredients list of their products, it is still worth taking a look to know the composition of your supplements.

Even though you reside in the U.S, it does not mean that every single ingredient contained in your U.S produced supplements are sourced from the United States.

Chances are that most of the ingredients are supplied by suppliers from Asia and more specifically – China. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this on face-value and most supplement producers actually rely on supplies from China in order to minimise their cost of production.

However, the standards of regulation and quality differ from country to country. While the U.S apply very strict standards of quality without compromise, the same cannot be said about other countries, China included.

Admittedly, the international standards of quality have tremendously improved around the world in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that the implementation of these standards have followed suit at the same pace.

Compromises are often made across board with regulatory officials turning a blind eye, and being lax in their duties. Corruption is also a consideration, with bribes being made by suppliers to government officials responsible for ensuring the quality in the production of the ingredients are assured.

With so many supplements from different producers available, the competition for customers is fierce. While reputable supplement companies have a lot to lose if they provide nothing less than high quality products, smaller less reputable manufacturers may be less bothered about quality, and more interested in costs, competitive pricing, marketing, sales, and profit margins.

Supplement companies willing to compromise on quality would only endanger the lives of consumers as the ingredients supplied to them could well be adulterated with inferior quality anabolic steroids pills amongst other contaminants.


I. Possible Contaminants in Steroid Alternatives

If you are not able to buy steroids injection or anabolic steroids pills, you might as well stick with using steroid alternatives. But with ingredients shipped in from abroad it brings to the question “are these supplements safe? “

There are so many contaminant possibilities and some of these include:

  • Heavy metals such as mercury and lead which can cause a myriad of health problems including high blood pressure, kidney damage, anemia, brain damage, tumors, and cancers.

  • Prohibited Substances such as anabolic steroids and prohormones. Some unscrupulous suppliers may spike their ingredients with compounds derived from anabolic steroids pills or steroids injection.

Regulation in the countries where the suppliers of these supplement ingredients reside may not be up to scratch and questions have to be asked about the type of ingredient quality control measures and testing that take place.

In order to save time and money, many of these ingredient suppliers in other countries around the world avoid testing their raw materials for contaminants. They rush the processing of their raw materials ignoring raw material testing to the detriment of the final consumer of the eventually produced supplements : you!


II. Do you know if your Supplements have been Tested?

The production stage of reputable supplement companies in the U.S won’t compromise on quality control and the contaminated ingredients being supplied will be rejected. This is the right thing to do!

However, not all supplement companies may be so thorough or even sincere in their dealings. The bottom line (profits) may be a telling factor in the decisions that these companies take, this may mean accepting and using raw materials that may be contaminated with steroids.

Reputable supplement manufacturers would normally look out for contaminants like mold, yeast, E coli, melamine, salmonella, and listeria. These companies would also test the raw materials for steroids pills or steroids injection compounds even though this type of testing is not a legal requirement.

Since doping tests are not required by law, some supplement companies may decide not to carry out this test. Also, since doping tests are not compulsory, some supplement companies may play on this to introduce compounds found in steroids injection or pills into their products.

Spiking supplements with real steroids could boost the potency of the product, but would also border on deceitful marketing, as consumers expect steroid alternatives not actual steroids.

Other tests that are conducted by most supplement manufacturers include testing for shelf life, stability, and microbes. It is important to note that in the U.S pharmaceutical companies have to be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), supplement companies on the other hand don’t need FDA approval before being operational.

The responsibility of the sourcing and use of raw materials form both home and abroad lies mainly with the dietary and supplement companies. Though there are some FDA rules that are in place, ultimately supplement companies are expected to adhere to good manufacturing practices or GMP.

This now lies the conundrum because while the FDA expects GMP from supplement companies, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all these  companies would maintain good manufacturing practices at all times and the FDA can’t be present at all times to check the activities of supplement companies.

When you now add the marketing agencies to the picture, then it becomes even more difficult to know which supplement company to trust and which ones to be wary of. Advertising is a great way of making a bad product look good, especially when a lot of money is at stake.


III. In Conclusion

If you are a competitive bodybuilder, then you might already be familiar with the effectiveness of anabolic steroids. It may be hard for you to now switch to using steroids alternatives, and why should you?!

However, steroids injection medications are not sold over-the-counter, but by pharmaceutical companies abroad. Many of these companies sell pure, genuine steroids, but then many more sell adulterated products as well.

Pharmaceutical companies in countries in Asia and Eastern Europe are not as regulated as in the U.S, which means that the steroids injection you are shooting up may very well have some contaminants especially if you procure steroids from unverifiable sources.

Though steroid alternatives are readily available from supplement companies in the U.S, these companies tend to buy their raw materials from abroad suppliers to minimise production costs.

In the same way that you could be buying contaminated steroids pills and steroids injection, so also could you be buying supplements contaminated with impure steroids.

So be sure of the company you buy your steroid alternatives from and do check (actually read) the label to know the source of their ingredients. This could be the difference between buying pure, unadulterated supplements and buying contaminated steroid alternatives. But if you want to get genuine steroids for bodybuilding training programs, you can check out today .


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