An Overview of Natural Steroids

Natural steroids in the body are responsible for a lot of different physiological activities, such as; behaviour, immune response, protein catabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, stress response, control of inflammation, and the regulation of the blood electrolyte levels. Natural steroids also play a big role in building muscle mass, one feature that should be of interest to athletes in general and bodybuilders in particular.

What are Natural Steroids in the Body?

Natural steroids in the body are those hormones that are generated by cells and then made available to all parts of the body through the circulatory system. These steroids are naturally occurring chemical compounds which target specific cells and then bind with the hormone receptor proteins of the targeted cells. This leads to the emergence of certain expected physiological activities and bodily responses.

One physical response instigated by natural steroids like testosterone, is the relatively complex use of protein to increase muscle mass by bulking up muscle tissue. Anabolic steroids are also known as hormones, as many of them are produced naturally in the human body albeit in limited amounts they help to sustain strong male traits as well as promote both bone and muscle growth.








Anabolic steroids are also available in synthetically produced injectables or orally administered pills. They greatly affect the hormonal system of the human body and as a consequence, anabolic steroids help to boost the level of testosterone in the body. They also influence androgen receptors which leads to the building of muscle mass amongst other things.

Natural Steroids in Food

Natural steroids in the body like 17β-estradiol, testosterone, oestrone and progesterone are known to exist in food such as: diary products, beef, pork and poultry. As a matter of fact, between 60 to 80% of progesterone (which is a natural female sex steroid) can be found in dairy products including milk and other related products. Eggs also provide a number of natural steroids and offer between 10 to 20% nutrition-based hormones as fish and meat.

Vegetables are also known to provide as much nutritional testosterone (between 20 to 40%) as found in both dairy products and meat. Plants also provide a great deal of natural steroids in food and indeed they have large amounts of dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA as well as other hormone precursors.

Fake “Natural” Steroids

It is also worth mentioning that you should beware of those companies that claim to sell “natural” steroid supplements which are really just food supplements with deceitful names which make them sound like real steroids.

It would be better for you to stick with genuine food supplements, since in truth, you know what you are getting for your money. Many of these sites do not back up their claims of having “natural” steroid supplements with detailed information on the ingredients or composition of their pills.

Again they usually come up with deceitful names that intentionally mimic the street names of real steroids in order to persuade (through deceitful marketing) novices or newbies to the world of bodybuilding. Rarely would you find a seasoned bodybuilder and real steroid user fall victim to this scam.

In Conclusion

The first reaction of a layman hearing the words “natural steroids” may be to assume the worst, namely; performance enhancing drugs, cheating, and doping. However, there are actually natural steroids in the body which have anabolic properties that are responsible for the development of predominantly male characteristics like increased muscle mass.

These natural steroids like testosterone and progesterone are also available in various food sources, such as; pork, poultry, beef, fish, dairy products and vegetables. Ultimately, natural steroids help to regulate our hormonal balance and natural steroids in food provide the nutritional-based hormones to maintain this balance.

However, for athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders and people in strength – based sports, the need for synthetic steroids to enhance performance levels may be absolutely essential.

In such cases, there are many real oral and injectable performance enhancing steroids that can be used. Instead of settling for those fake “natural steroids” that many online sites today claim to have. You can go for real steroids and some popular real steroids known to bodybuilders by their street names include; Tren, D-bol, Deca, Test, and Winny.

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